Missouri Nurses Association
Political Action Committee:
The only political action committee representing the
interests of all professional nurses in Missouri.

MONA-PAC Celebrates 2022 Election and Looks to the Future

The 2022 election cycle was a good one for Missouri Nurses Association Political Action Committee (MONA-PAC). We worked for months to elect pro-nursing candidates to the Missouri legislature, and November 8, 2022 gave us that opportunity. We celebrate our successes. Based on our endorsed candidates that won their election, MONA-PAC had a 98.7% winning percentage in the general election. These results would not have been possible without activism from nurses. Members donated money, attended events, made phone calls, reached out to friends and family, posted on social media and more – and nurses voted. All of these activities helped MONA-PAC support our nursing champion candidates through their successful elections.

Core Issues

  • Workplace rights and safety
  • Safe and adequate nurse staffing
  • Patient advocacy
  • Access to quality health care
  • Health care finance
  • Nursing education, practice and licensure

Our Goals

  • Ensuring a majority of legislators are those endorsed by the MONA-PAC (with a minimum 82 Representatives and 18 Senators)
  • Advocating for all House and Senate committees impacting nursing to be chaired by a MONA-PAC endorsed legislator
  • Legislative leadership positions be held by MONA-PAC endorsed persons who are successfully elected

2022 Endorsements

The Missouri Nurses Association Political Action Committee (MONA-PAC) is the only political action committee representing the interests of all professional nurses in Missouri. It was established to elect candidates that will advance MONA’s legislative and regulatory agendas.

MONA-PAC was founded in 1985 and since that time has interviewed and endorsed hundreds of candidates for elected office in the Missouri legislative and executive branches.

Each election cycle, MONA-PAC endorses candidates who have demonstrated strong support for nursing and health care issues and will best serve the interests of nurses and their patients. The Missouri Nurses Association and our PAC believe all Missourians deserve easy access to affordable, quality health care. All nurses should be able to practice to the full extent of their education and training.

MONA-PAC works to ensure that nursing’s perspective is considered in policy decisions made in Jefferson City. Endorsement decisions are based on several criteria including, but not limited to, candidate survey, campaign information, and the candidate’s voting record on MONA’s priority issues.

MONA-PAC was pleased to formally endorse the following candidates during their 2022 campaigns.

Trudy Busch Valentine

Louis Riggs, District 5
Peggy McGaugh, District 7
Josh Hurlbert, District 8
Sean Pouche, District 13
Ashley Aune, District 14
Maggie Nurrenbern, District 15
Eric Woods, District 18
Ingrid Burnett, District 19
Robert Sauls, District 21
Yolanda Young, District 22
Emily Weber, District 24
Patty Lewis, District 25
Ashley Bland Manlove, District 26
Richard Brown, District 27
Jerome Barnes, District 28
John Patterson, District 30
Jeff Coleman, District 32
Keri Ingle, District 35
Anthony Ealy, District 36
Mark Sharp, District 37
Doug Richey, District 39
Cheri Toalson Reisch, District 44
Kathy Steinhoff, District 45
Dan Houx, District 54
Mike Haffner, District 55
Michael Davis, District 56
Gretchen Bangert, District 70
LaDonna Appelbaum, District 71
Doug Clemens, District 72
Marlon Anderson, District 76
Kimberly- Ann Collins, District 77
LaKeysha Bosley, District 79
Peter Merideth, District 80
Steve Butz, District 81
Donna Baringer, District 82
Sarah Unsicker District 83
Joe Adams, District 86
Dean Plocher, District 89
Barbara Phifer, District 90
Jo Doll, District 91
Bridget Walsh Moore, District 93
Jim Murphy District 94
Michael O’Donnell, District 95
Deb Lavender, District 98
Mark Matthiesen, District 107
Phil Amato, District 113
Cyndi Buchheit-Courtway, District 115
Dale Wright, District 116
Ann Kelley, District 127
Mike Stephens, District 128
Bishop Davidson, District 130
Crystal Quade, District 132
Alex Riley, District 134
Betsy Fogle, District 135
Craig Fishel, District 136
Hannah Kelly, District 141
Bennie Cook, District 143
Jamie Burger, District 148
Darrell Atchison, District 153
Travis Smith, District 155
Brian Seitz, District 156
Mitch Boggs, District 157
Lane Roberts, District 161
Bob Bromley, District 162

Nick Schroer, District 2
Karla May, District 4
Mike Bernskoetter, District 6
Mike Cierpiot, District 8
Travis Fitzwater, District 10
Rusty Black, District 12
Brian Williams, District 14
Justin Brown, District 16
Cindy O’laughlin, District 18
Curtis Trent, District 20
Mary Elizabeth Coleman, District 22
Tracy McCreery, District 24
Sandy Crawford, District 28
Lincoln Hough, District 30
Tony Luetkemeyer, District 34

MONA-PAC was founded in 1985 as the Political Action for Nurses in Missouri Committee.

The group has interviewed and endorsed hundreds of candidates for elected office in the Missouri legislative and executive branches.

At this time, MONA-PAC contributions have attributed to a 95% success rate for candidate elections/re-elections.

Success Rate

MONA-PAC activities build on nonpartisan, criteria-based selection to:

  • Promote and financially endorse candidates who support MONA’s legislative agenda
  • Encourage grassroots involvement and nursing participation in the electoral process
  • Establish a dynamic, ongoing communication process between MONA-PAC, the MONA Board of Directors, regional officers and individual contributors

MONA-PAC differs from the MONA Advocacy Committee:

  • Advocacy Committee monitors legislation and regulation that impact nursing, developing a proactive agenda to support and direct nursing issues
  • MONA-PAC endorses candidates that support MONA and its legislative and regulatory agenda